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How to Make the Perfect Vegan Apple Pie

Wed 28 April 2021, 11:49am
Wed 28 Apr '21
by Jess Mateljan
This relatively easy, delicious vegan apple pie recipe will keep you feeling warm & cosy during the colder months coming up. Give it a try!

Dominion Anniversary Event Resources

Wed 7 April 2021, 4:07pm
Wed 7 Apr '21
by Farm Transparency Project
On April 1st 2021 we hosted an online event with 4 guest speakers who discussed issues surrounding animal rights and social justice. Here is a list of ...

Vegan Chocolate Brands For Easter

Mon 29 March 2021, 10:10am
Mon 29 Mar '21
by Jess Mateljan
Check out these wonderful vegan, fairtrade and ethical chocolate brands.

Lions and Monkeys Retired From Circus Performances

Fri 26 March 2021, 2:33pm
Fri 26 Mar '21
by Farm Transparency Project
Stardust Circus have finally made the decision to quietly retire their captive lions and monkeys from performing.

5 Myths About Animal Use in Fashion

Fri 19 March 2021, 5:34pm
Fri 19 Mar '21
by Emma Håkansson
The exploitation and slaughter of animals in the fashion industry is often over-looked. Let's bust some myths about the fashion industry and what it does ...

A Life Sentence - Marine Animals in Captivity

Wed 10 March 2021, 1:51pm
Wed 10 Mar '21
by Alix Livingstone
Marine animals in captivity lead lives of deprivation for years on end. It doesn't have to be this way - we have the power to ...

Plant Based Burger Company Gets Funding From Shark Tank's Mark Cuban

Wed 10 March 2021, 1:51pm
Wed 10 Mar '21
by Jess Mateljan
On February 26th 2021, vegan burger company Everything Legendary managed to secure a massive $300,000 investment from Shark Tank's Mark Cubin, in return for 22% of their business.

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