Take action for animals

Every year, millions of animals suffer and are killed in Australian farms and slaughterhouses and billions are slaughtered around the world. After becoming aware of the violence and suffering in industries which use animals for food, clothing, entertainment and research, you might be ready to make changes in your own life or even to start taking action to demand a kinder world.

The following links will help get you started on taking a positive stand for animals.

Learn more

  • Watch Dominion: Dominion uses undercover footage, drones, hidden & handheld cameras to pull back the curtain on industries which use animals for food, clothing and entertainment and share the violent reality of modern animal farming. Watch the film for free
  • Investigate: Do you know what happens to male chicks and cows in the egg and dairy industries? Did you know it is legal to mutilate cows and sheep without anaesthetic in Australia? Learn more about how animals are farmed and killed in Australia through Farm Transparency Project’s knowledgebase
  • Discover our campaigns: Through investigations involving hidden cameras and undercover footage, FTP has uncovered numerous cases of abuse, corruption and standardised brutality. Find out more about some of our campaigns

Join the movement

Throughout history, change has happened when ordinary people have come together to demand it. Right now, animals are suffering and dying for no better reason than money, tradition and convenience. But we have the power to stop it.

Going vegan

Veganism is more than just a healthy diet. It’s a movement for justice that begins with removing our support from industries that harm and exploit animals. If you’re ready to build a kinder world, visit:

  • VeganEasy and take the 30 day challenge
  • VegKit to grab your free vegan starter kit with helpful advice, recipes and more

Join events

The movement for animals is growing every day. Find out about events near you and get involved now. Whether you want to meet like minded people, attend a protest or just pick up some food at a local vegan market, every step we take is one step closer to a just world for all animals.

Check out FTP's upcoming events or discover events around Australia.

Tell the Victorian Government to prevent further sexual abuse of pigs
End dairy deception in schools
Leave animal products off my plate
Urgently address the systemic failures of Tasmanian slaughterhouse regulators

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Behind Closed Doors leaflet
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