Core Values Statement

The mission and operations of Farm Transparency Project are underpinned by the following core values.

  1. Believe in the rights of non-human animals to not be exploited, owned, abused, or killed for human purposes.

  2. Be guided at all times by consistent moral principles, proudly accountable for all publicly and privately made decisions.

  3. Recognise the interconnectedness of all oppression, acting with an ethical continuity throughout all issues by not tolerating any form of oppression. Showing respect for all beings regardless of ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, faith, ability, class, age, and species, and encouraging the empowerment of those from marginalised groups.

  4. Promote open, respectful communication and a practice of “calling it in” as the first step for conflict resolution, maintaining compassion for all even in the face of adversity, and striving for a culture where individuals feel safe from harm and harassment.

  5. Advocate freedom of relevant information regarding matters of public/consumer interest and social justice, while respecting security culture to avoid compromising the safety and effectiveness of campaigns.

  6. Continually seek new methods to improve effectiveness of our operations and the overall movement.

  7. Support and empower other individual activists and organisations in their own work, including but not limited to the sharing of resources, tools and information.

  8. Strongly oppose all violence towards human and non-human animals.

We welcome and encourage other groups to adopt these core values as their own, if they desire.