Wearable TVs for protests and outreach

Last updated 29 October 2022

There are three options for powering TVs:

  1. Using a regular AC-power TV with a combined inverter+battery
  2. Using a regular AC-power TV with an inverter and 12v battery
  3. Using a DC-power TV with a 12v battery



Option one: AC Power with combined inverter+battery

TV (32”):

Combined inverter+battery:



Option two: AC Power with separate inverter+battery

TV (32”):

12v LiFePO4 Battery:

Battery charger:

Battery to cigarette socket cable:




Option three: DC Power

No inverter required.

TV (32”):

12v Battery:


Attaching straps

This is only one method - there may be better options available. You can use one of the below straps to screw into the back of the TV (two screws horizontally), and fit the harness through the strap. An alternative to the strap would be a wall-mount bracket.