The Farm Transparency Project Team

Chris Delforce, Founder, Executive Director at Farm Transparency Project

Chris Delforce

Founder, Executive Director

Chris learned from a young age the importance of social justice and compassion for all – particularly those less fortunate than himself. As a teenager, he travelled with aid groups working with impoverished communities in Zambia and Indonesia, seeking to better understand the suffering beyond his doorstep and how he could use the privileges afforded to him to improve the lives of others, developing a deep sense of moral obligation and a passionate intolerance for injustice.

Realising at age 10 that animals probably didn't want to be eaten, Chris went vegetarian. Nine years later, he started an organisation called the Youth Vegetarian Association at his university in Canberra, through which he met members of Animal Liberation ACT and learned of the cruelty of the dairy and egg industries. He went vegan and began participating in covert rescues of animals from factory farms, liberating hundreds of animals; but the more he learned about the inherent mass suffering within the animal slaughter industry, the more determined he became to expose and end it.

In the 14 years since, Chris has investigated over one hundred farms, slaughterhouses and other animal exploitation facilities across Australia and internationally, founded Farm Transparency Project (originally Aussie Farms) in 2014, and has written, directed and edited two award-winning feature-length documentaries, 2014's Lucent and 2018's Dominion. A self-taught web developer, Chris built and continues to run FTP's innovative website, including the Repository and Map.

In his spare time, Chris is a keen runner with two marathons under his belt, and lives in Melbourne with his rescued cat, Moo.

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Harley McDonald-Eckersall, Strategy & Campaigns Director at Farm Transparency Project

Harley McDonald-Eckersall

Strategy & Campaigns Director

Harley brings 8 years of experience as an activist and organiser for animals to FTP. At age 19, Harley co-founded the organisation Young Voices for Animals (YVA) with the mission to educate and inspire the next generation of animal liberation activists. With YVA, Harley delivered a ground-breaking education program to empower high-school students to take action for animals, as well as coordinating Australia’s first Youth Animal Rights Conference.

After taking part in her first direct action during the Dominion Anniversary day of action in April 2019, Harley moved to the UK to work on messaging and strategy at the organisation Animal Rebellion. It was here that she gained experience executing large-scale acts of civil disobedience, including blockades at McDonald’s four UK distribution centres; costing the company millions of dollars and affecting their national supply chain. For two years, Harley guided the direction and messaging of Animal Rebellion, influencing groups across 60+ cities and 20+ countries. Harley also coordinated the group’s media and messaging team, leading to a 200% increase in press coverage.

In early 2022, Harley returned to Australia, keen to apply her experience to the Melbourne animal rights movement. Soon after her return, Harley took a role coordinating volunteers for the Animal Justice Party leading up to the 2022 state election. During this time Harley began working closely with Chris and, after the election, she joined FTP, directing her enthusiasm and dedication into creating hard-hitting campaigns and grassroots actions.

At FTP, Harley keeps us focused on our goals and objectives by designing our campaigns and keeping us on task with an endless array of multi-coloured spreadsheets. Outside of work she can usually be found cuddling with her three adopted cats.

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Catriona Marshall, Communications and Outreach Coordinator at Farm Transparency Project

Catriona Marshall

Communications and Outreach Coordinator

After graduating with a Bachelor of Design Arts majoring in Film and Photography, Catriona began her journey into animal rights activism by participating in and documenting outreach events, protests, and vigils for various organisations.

As she became more involved in the movement, she stumbled upon the possibility of doing undercover investigations with Farm Transparency Project and jumped at the opportunity. Since 2021, Catriona has visited farms and slaughterhouses in several states across Australia, documenting the animal exploitation at these facilities.

In her role as Communications and Outreach Co-ordinator for Farm Transparency Project, Catriona is responsible for creating and publishing content to push FTP campaigns to a wider audience. After going vegan at the age of 15 when she saw hidden camera footage on YouTube of a cow being slaughtered, she understands the impact that publishing investigations on social media can have.

Catriona is an organiser for Dominion Outreach Melbourne, an outreach group which educates members of the public about the reality of modern farming and slaughter practices. She is very proud of the growing community of activists attend these events.

Whether it be by getting involved in politics, having outreach conversations, or through social media, Catriona aspires to create real change and make the world a better place for all creatures.

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Siena Callander, Senior Investigator at Farm Transparency Project

Siena Callander

Senior Investigator

An almost lifelong vegetarian, and vegan of 10 years, Siena began her activism journey in 2016 with street outreach events designed to bring the plight of non-human animals to the forefront of peoples’ minds, by showing footage obtained by undercover investigators and having conversations with the public about the impact their food, clothing and entertainment choices have.

In 2017, Siena quit her fulltime job to travel to the United Kingdom and Europe, where she attended and helped organise outreach events in over a dozen cities in England, Germany, the Czech Republic, Poland, and Italy. During this time she also organised for SAVE, and attended numerous conferences on animal rights including in London, Berlin, Prague and Luxembourg.

In 2018, Siena entered her first animal exploitation facility in the Czech Republic with the intent to document and see with her own eyes what animals bred and raised in these systems endure. She knew from those first few moments that it would be only one of many to come.

Siena began volunteering with the dedicated team at Farm Transparency Project in 2020, and came on board as a Senior Investigator in 2023. She now works to expose both farms and slaughterhouses, to bring to light the stories of those animals we deliberately silence, and act in solidarity with them in their fight for liberation by amplifying their voices and making their stories heard.

She strives to never lose sight of the fact that each of the victims documented in our work is an individual, and worthy of a life not only free from suffering and oppression, but one where they are cherished and valued for their inherent worth and recognised as active participants in their fight for freedom.