Farm Transparency Project (FTP) is a non-profit animal protection charity, dedicated to ending the abuse and exploitation of animals in farms, slaughterhouses and other commercial settings. Through comprehensive investigations, documentary films, and the creation of innovative tools and resources, FTP seeks to force industry transparency and educate consumers by shining a light on the brutal reality endured by animals in the name of profit.

An investigator films pigs in a slaughterhouse holding pen

Established under the name Aussie Farms in 2014, with the release of world-first footage of the carbon dioxide gas chambers used in pig slaughterhouses, the organisation grew from separate campaigns that had been run under various Animal Liberation groups including NSW, ACT and QLD. These campaigns began with Aussie Pigs, and expanded to Aussie Turkeys, Aussie Ducks, Aussie Eggs, Aussie Chickens, Aussie Rabbits and Aussie Abattoirs. Together these websites formed the Aussie Farms network, aimed at countering the myth that animal abuse doesn't happen in Australia or that when it does happen, it's an isolated incident.

The ever-growing library of material began to prove beyond doubt that animal abuse was not only commonplace, but in fact inherent to industries that exploit or use animals for profit.

Farm Transparency Project operates under the belief that these industries rely on secrecy and deception, using marketing ploys such as "humanely slaughtered" and "free range", and imagery depicting happy animals living out their days on rolling green hills in the sunshine; and that by breaking down this secrecy and making it easier for consumers to see the truth about what their purchases support, the commercialised abuse and exploitation of animals will slowly but surely come to an end. We believe that information - freely and readily accessible - is our greatest and most powerful tool.

Farm Transparency Project would like to acknowledge that our organisation operates on indigenous land. We acknowledge that this land was captured by gunpoint and genocide, and that sovereignty over this land was never ceded. We pay our respects to their Elders – past, present, and becoming, to their culture, and their unique connection to this land.

We stand for animal justice, rights and freedom, within a framework of collective liberation and consistent anti-oppression. With our work, we strive to be allies to other struggles for justice and do our best to challenge injustice wherever it arises in society. Learn more in our core values statement.


About the Repository (Gallery & Database)

The Farm Transparency Project Repository is a public database/gallery of videos, photos, documents and campaign materials (fliers, posters, etc); a knowledgebase; and a centre for innovative and creative tools, relating to the animal rights movement in Australia. We believe that between all of us, we have tonnes of visual evidence of animal cruelty and exploitation, a lot of which might just be gathering dust because it doesn't fit any particular campaigns, or otherwise isn't getting out there to the public who need to see it.

The Repository aims to bring all of this evidence together so that we can all freely view, share, and use it in our efforts towards a common goal. Any time an individual or organisation wants to raise awareness about a particular issue, they'll be able to find the most recent and most relevant evidence or materials, and because it's a 100% Australian project, the myth that "it doesn't happen here" will be well and truly defeated.

Any group or individual who obtains evidence will have a nationwide distribution platform that will allow them to achieve the greatest reach for their findings, in the most effective and efficient manner possible.

Anything that gets uploaded, unless it comes from a reputable organisation such as the various Animal Liberation groups, will be screened by the Farm Transparency Project team before being published to ensure nothing malicious, deceptive or irrelevant slips through the cracks.

We believe that it is possible to end commercialised animal exploitation in Australia - but only by working together, sharing our work, and leaving no stone unturned.