Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

For questions about our documentary Dominion, please see the Dominion FAQ.

  1. What is Farm Transparency Project?
    A non-profit animal protection charity, dedicated to ending the abuse and exploitation of animals in farms, slaughterhouses and other commercial settings.
  2. Can I work at your farm/slaughterhouse?
    We do not own or have any affiliation with any of the facilities or companies listed on our website.
  3. Can I use your photos/footage for my own project?
    We welcome the use of our footage to further a message of kindness towards animals - as long as your project promotes the protection, liberation or rights of animals, rather than their exploitation, and does not promote or trivialise the suffering of humans in doing so. Please credit Farm Transparency Project and/or the uploader of the photos or videos you wish to use.
  4. Can you tell me what farms/products are ethical and humane?
    All animal farming involves the unnecessary and unjustifiable exploitation and slaughter of sentient animals who do not want to die. Cruelty and abuse are inherent to the animal slaughter industry, including meat, dairy, eggs, fur, wool and leather. Much of this cruelty is legal, due to exemptions in animal welfare legislation that specifically permit acts of cruelty towards farmed animals, that would be illegal if performed on dogs or cats. The only way to truly stop cruelty to farmed animals is to stop eating them. Take the pledge today to leave animals off your plate and live vegan - be part of a growing movement towards a kinder, more sustainable world.
  5. Are my donations tax-deductible?
    Unfortunately not, as animal advocacy organisations are generally not eligible for Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status.
  6. How can I get involved?
    Check out our Take Action and Volunteer pages!
  7. Can I work at Farm Transparency Project?
    While we'd love to grow our team, limited funding makes this an unfortunately rare occurrence. Vacancies are not always publicly advertised, and may be offered first to volunteers who have proven their dedication to the cause and who we believe to be a good fit for our organisation. When we do have positions available for public applications, you can find them listed on our Job Vacancies page.
  8. Is Farm Transparency Project a vegan organisation?
    All directors and employees of Farm Transparency Project are vegan. We promote veganism as the only way to truly stop cruelty to farmed animals.
  9. Can you help me go vegan?

    Here are some resources that you might find useful: