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Harley McDonald-Eckersall

Harley McDonald-Eckersall is an activist, ally and anti-speciesist. With a focus on Animal Justice, Harley was the former co-founder of Young Voices for Animals before moving to the UK to work for Animal Rebellion. Back in Melbourne, she now works for Farm Transparency Project as the Strategy & Campaigns Director. Harley has also been involved with many other groups in Melbourne and was part of the April 8th Flinders Street Shut-down, organised by Vegan Rising as part of the Dominion Anniversary actions which were co-organised by Dominion Movement and Vegan Rising. To read more of Harley’s writing visit her blog at


  • Four gas chambers in six months - our campaign continues

    Tue 18 July 2023, 8:07pm

    In June 2023 we investigated BMK Foods Slaughterhouse in Murray Bridge, South Australia, and captured footage inside their gas chamber. We met pigs hours before they were brutally killed and we ...

  • 2023 Dominion Animal Rights March

    Tue 25 April 2023, 1:07pm

    On April 8th 2023, hundreds of animal rights activists took to the streets of Melbourne to mark the five year anniversary of Dominion.

  • Week of Action - April 2023

    Wed 19 April 2023, 6:19pm

    From the 2nd - 7th April, 2023 Farm Transparency Project organised a week of actions to build momentum around our campaign to ban gas chambers, which had launched at the end ...

  • Activists shut down Benalla Slaughterhouse and chain themselves to the gas chamber

    Sat 15 April 2023, 12:09pm

    On April 13th 2023 25 activists from Farm Transparency Project shutdown Benalla slaughterhouse for over 7 hours. We chained ourselves inside the gas chamber and race, preventing any pigs from being killed while ...

  • Exposing the pork industry's biggest secret

    Mon 27 March 2023, 7:48pm

    In early 2023, our investigators captured footage from inside Victoria's three largest pig slaughterhouses, revealing the terrifying final moments of pigs subjected to deadly gas chambers. This is the story of ...