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Small Acts of Kindness While Socially Distancing

By Alix Livingstone
Tue 31 March 2020, 3:49pm

Right now the world is dealing with an unprecedented pandemic affecting millions across the globe. In a time of such uncertainty and fear, it is important that we remember the power of kindness in our everyday lives.  We have compiled a small list of some ways you can show compassion during this time and stay connected to the community around you. Together we will get through this.


1. Check in with your neighbours and friends

It is vital that we look out for one another during this time. Checking in with friends to see how they are coping can be as easy as sending a text or making a phone call. It can make a world of difference to people to know someone is thinking of them.

It is particularly important we check in with vunerable people within our community, such as the elderly and people with disabilities. If you can offer to pick up some things for your vunerable neighbours from the store (when you make a trip), while they isolate, this could alleviate a huge stress for them and show them they are not alone (just remember to leave the groceries at the door – social distancing 🙂).


2. Foster an animal

The flow-on effects of COVID-19 have extended to shelters caring for animals in need. Whilst you are working from home or self-isolating, it is a great time to consider welcoming a foster animal into your home. This will ease the stress on local shelters and give you a furry friend to spend your time isolating with. Opening your home to a foster animal is an incredibly rewarding experience and makes a huge impact to their lives, whilst helping your local shelter get through a particularly difficult period.


3. Donate to local shelters or rescue groups

For those looking to help in a financial capacity, donating to local shelters is an amazing way to support them through this time. Animal shelters and rescues work tirelessly to ensure that unwanted animals are given the best chance at finding their puurfect forever homes. Amidst COVID-19 many shelters may be facing some uncertainty with lack of donations and volunteer support. For those who can help, this is a great way to get behind those that help some of the most vulnerable in our society.


4. Support small local vegan businesses

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a hard time for small businesses, with having to cut staff and being unable to operate at their usual capacity. Some businesses have been able to offer delivery services to their customers. Showing some extra love to our local stores can be a great way to help ensure they are able to make it through this tough period.


5. Share some content to make people smile

Whilst it is essential we stay informed with accurate information, now is the time to spread some extra love throughout your community. If you see something that makes you smile on social media share it around, everyone could do with something to smile about during this time.


6. Be kind to yourself

Lastly it is important to remember to be kind to yourself during this period. Self-care cannot be understated right now. Take time to do things for yourself; that might be sitting outside in the sun, taking a bath, cooking yourself a nice meal, spending some time in the garden or having a movie marathon in your pyjamas. Whatever self-care looks like for you, set aside some time to do the things that help you feel good, which in turn will help you give to those around you too.


Whilst this is such a trying time for so many around the world, many of us can take the opportunity to show kindness, love and compassion to those around us, it is indeed what will carry us through this time in history. We have the power in our hands to continue building a kinder world for all, thinking globally, acting locally.