News & Media: Activists return to Wally's Piggery

Activists return to Wally's Piggery

By Aussie Farms
Tue 13 November 2012, 12:00am

A few days ago, activists returned to Wally's Piggery. For the moment, the farrowing sheds are empty - there are no sows or piglets on site. A large number of grower pigs (2-6 months) remain, in the same filthy conditions seen four months earlier.

In the slaughter room, activists found a pig's head underneath a chair, pools of fresh blood on the floor and cutting table, blood spatter on the walls, blood and fur in the scalding tank, and a new mallet, all indicating that Wally is continuing to illegally bludgeon and kill his pigs, right under the nose of the authorities.

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