Lochaber Goat Dairy

Meredith VIC 3333, Australia
Name: Lochaber Goat Dairy
Address: Meredith VIC 3333, Australia
LGA/Council: Golden Plains Shire Council
Council website: gplains.vic.gov.au
Council email: [email protected]
Council phone: (03) 5220 7111
Summary: Lochaber Goat Dairy is a 'goat farm' located in Meredith, VIC Australia.
Last known status: Open and operating
Listing updated: 2019
Listing ID: c7832
Owned by: Meredith Dairy
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Hidden camera footage captured in late 2019 of baby goats screaming and struggling as their budding horns are burnt off with a hot iron, in what's known as 'disbudding', a common practice of the goat dairy industry.

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