MBL Proteins - Keith Division

Dark Island Well Road, Sherwood SA 5267, Australia
Name: MBL Proteins - Keith Division
Address: Dark Island Well Road, Sherwood SA 5267, Australia
LGA/Council: Tatiara District Council
Council website: tatiara.sa.gov.au
Council email: [email protected]
Summary: MBL Proteins - Keith Division is a 'rendering plant' located in Sherwood, SA Australia.
Last known status: Open and operating
Listing updated: 2019
Listing ID: 9fa8e
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Likely the former site of the Dalriada Meat slaughterhouse (Domestic Abatoir (Beef Sheep Goat Pig )).

Acquired in 2011 by Master Butchers Cooperative Ltd (MBL) Proteins - rendering plant. Large outdoor piles of pig carcasses/bones, broiler feathers, bags full of spent layer hens.


"MBL Proteins is a division of Master Butchers Co-operative LTD and operates three recycling plants in South Australia.

MBL Proteins takes organic waste material from the meat, poultry and seafood industries and processes it into sought after commodities such as tallow, meat meal, blood meal and feather meal, which are then sold on the domestic and overseas markets into various regions such as  Asia, North & South America, Canada and Europe."