Benalla Abattoir

75 Firth Rd, Benalla VIC 3672, Australia
Name: Benalla Abattoir
Address: 75 Firth Rd, Benalla VIC 3672, Australia
LGA/Council: Benalla Rural City Council
Council website:
Council email: [email protected]

Uses a Butina carbon dioxide gas chamber to suffocate pigs until they are unconscious, after forcing them up the race with a high-amperage electric prodder. Also kills calves and sheep.

Last known status: Open and operating
Listing updated: 2023
Listing ID: 29256
Owned by: Linlock Pty Ltd
Property Identification Code (PIC): 3ABLW076 or 3ABLW026
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One of three facilities exposed by Farm Transparency Project in early 2023, for using excruciating carbon dioxide gas chambers to suffocate pigs prior to slaughter.

The slaughterhouse also kills calves from the dairy industry, and sheep.

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