Kankool Pet Food

Unnamed Road, Willow Tree NSW 2339, Australia
Name: Kankool Pet Food
Address: Unnamed Road, Willow Tree NSW 2339, Australia
LGA/Council: Liverpool Plains Shire Council
Council website: lpsc.nsw.gov.au
Council email: [email protected]
Summary: Kankool Pet Food is a 'knackery' located in Willow Tree, NSW Australia.
Last known status: Open and operating
Listing updated: 2020
Listing ID: 07de0
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Slaughters horses, cattle, pigs, sheep, goats and camels, and processes wild-slaughtered animals including kangaroos and pigs, for pet food.

An 8-week investigation in 2020 uncovered branded thoroughbreds being killed on a weekly basis, including young unraced horses (not even 2 years old), ex-racehorses (one had last raced as recently as December last year, another October last year) and ex-breeding mares (including ex-racers who were ‘retired’ into breeding). The investigation also uncovered horses being picked up directly from several local studs/breeders and foster-mare facilities. A total of 13 thoroughbreds have been identified, many of whom were slaughtered in direct breach of Racing NSW’s rules which prohibit the slaughter of NSW-bred/domiciled horses.

As well as thoroughbreds, Kankool slaughters standardbred horses who have been used for harness racing (their slaughter also prohibited, by Harness Racing NSW), stock horses who have been used for rodeos and other competitive events, miniature horses and ponies, and any horse in between. Sheep and lambs, cattle and calves, pigs and goats are among the other species that Kankool slaughters.

There is a clear culture of disregard for animals at Kankool; sheep were found, on occasion, to not even be stunned before slaughter, having their throats cut whilst fully conscious. Cattle were frequently left writhing on the ground for minutes after being shot, sometimes with clear displays of partial consciousness/sensibility. One large pig was shot 8 times before they died, screaming out in pain after each shot, whilst blood poured down their terrified face. In the footage one worker is seen posing for a photo with a steer who has been shot but is still partially conscious, later lifting and lowering their severed cow’s head, joking about “who needs the gym”.

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