The town of Asheville, North Carolina has been called the “Progressive Mecca of the South.” And while it is home to lots of liberal-minded people and activists, there’s one form of oppression that many of the most left-leaning advocates still happily support and celebrate, and that is animal exploitation and slaughter. Sure, Asheville has a large vegan community and lots of vegan-friendly restaurants, but, as Free from Harm has previously written, it is also a hotbed for the humane animal farming myth. The town’s cafés, restaurants and farmer’s markets frequently boast of their “ethical meat” and milk and cheese from “happy cows” on “family farms.”But I recently had occasion to visit one such celebrated “family” dairy farm, Maple View Farm just outside of Chapel Hill, NC. Maple View supplies many local businesses in the Triangle area, and it also supplies the Asheville milk delivery company, Farm to Home. The Farm to Home milk man describes his job of delivering this milk as doing something “ethically” and with “integrity.”


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Published: Fri 8 Nov 2019 by MarkSonoma
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