Shocking Hidden Camera Investigation Exposes Canada's Rotten Egg Industry

A new Mercy For Animals Canada exposé reveals systemic violence and cruelty to chickens at a Burnbrae Farms egg supplier—McDonald's Canada's exclusive egg provider—in Morinville, Alberta. The disturbing undercover footage shows unconscionable abuses, including the following:

- Thousands of egg-laying hens crammed inside tiny wire battery cages, each hen with less space than a single sheet of notebook paper to live her entire miserable life, unable to spread her wings, walk or engage in other natural behaviours

-Workers smashing the heads of chicks and then throwing them still alive and conscious into plastic garbage bags to slowly suffocate

-Chickens trapped in cage wire, mangled by factory machinery, and left to suffer from open wounds and torn beaks without proper veterinary care

-Dead hens left in cages with live hens still laying eggs for human consumption
Published: Wed 12 Jul 2023 by Nomi
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Created: 19 October 2013
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Country: Canada
Location: Burnbrae Farms Ltd, Lyn, Ontario, Canada