The purpose of this video is to educate the public about animal abuse and those who commit it. It is not intended to be shocking or sensational.

The Cauldron Falls Bar and Grill holds an annual pig wrestling event that includes children in an intensely seedy affair that includes women and even men exposing themselves.

You may post a comment on the Marinette County Sheriff's Department Facebook:

NOTE - A number of people have attempted to post comments to the sheriff's Facebook page. The sheriff is not allowing comments through. While this is regrettable, it is not surprising. They know they are wrong, both in not charging the flasher with a more serious crime, and in repressing public response.

We encourage you to go ahead and post your comment anyway, as this does send a message to the sheriff that hopefully will not be ignored for behavior in the future.
Published: Thu 10 Oct 2019 by MarkSonoma
Captured/filmed: Not specified
Created: 7 September 2018
ID: lyfvcxouk3
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Country: United States
Location: Caldron Falls Bar and Grill, Crivitz, Wisconsin, United States